Welcome to Omni-Serv

Omni-Serv provides labor resources for contracted services at airports. We are known as the company who can get the job done right, especially when others cannot. Since 1998, Omni-Serv has been providing manpower leasing for a multitude of airport services. Our seasoned professionals have spent a majority of their career working in these fields giving the best services available.

Omni-Serv is Committed to Success

Our ever-growing client list calls on Omni-Serv when they know the job has to be done right. We have a reputation for being able to handle difficult operations that others cannot, and for delivering great results. We are committed to high standards and values and to being a long-term business partner. Omni-Serv pro-actively strives to maintain a mutually rewarding relationship with all of our customers. Save your time, effort and money by selecting your services through Omni-Serv.