The Omni-Serv Difference

Our customers love our attention to detail and our focus on providing exactly the right service and value. Omni-Serv has the size and capacity to handle any contract or project, but we are small enough to ensure we diligently manage each service we provide. Our small chain of command means upper management stays connected to our valued front-line workers, providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Our Services

Omni-Serv specializes in contracted human resources for the airline industry. With Omni-Serv, you are provided with quality over quantity. Our experienced staff can provide a wide range of services, including:

Passenger Services

  • Baggage Handling & Transfer

  • Wheelchair Services

  • Electric Cart Service

  • Cargo Acceptance & Handling

  • Oxygen Service

  • Aircraft Cleaning & Cabin Appearance

  • Ground Transportation

  • Unaccompanied Minor Service

  • Skycap Service

  • International Documentation Services

  • TSA Assist

  • VIP Escort Services

  • Loading Dock Oversight

Security Services

  • CCTV and Access Control

  • Ramp Escort Service

  • Monitor Terminals & Facilities

  • Security Rovers

  • Dispatch & Patrol Services

  • 24/7 Security Guard Services

  • Cargo Screening

  • Fire Watch Guards

  • Corporate Event Security

  • Access Control Oversight

  • Access Door Guards

  • Construction Security Site and Escorts

  • Checkpoint Screening

  • Hand-Held Metal Detector Screening

  • Employee & Goods Screening

Custodial & Janitorial Services

  • Terminal Cleaning

  • Porters

  • Post/Pre-Construction Cleaning

  • Lavatory & Water

  • FOD Removal

  • COVID-19 Cleaning Services

  • Snow Removal Services

Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution

  • Logistics


Contact us to find out how we can provide the highest level of airport support solutions.